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How does Art Relate to Psychotherapy?


Human artwork is a mirror of our emotions, life themes and subconscious contents. Inner "demons", but also ressources may become visible. Therefore, artistic expression may become a medium for your self-awareness and your self-healing. You do not need to be "artistically gifted" to engage in art therapy. Art is in the eye of the beholder, and maybe a wild colour theme or a geometric figure appeals to your emotions far more than a perfectly painted still life. 


Rediscover the healing powers of your creativity in a respectful atmosphere. Please contact me for more information/appointments.  


"A therapeutic art workshop for dreamcatcher and soul seacher" 

Participate in my art workshops over four weeks: a mind-opening trip with a small group of participants (max. 8) through your fantasy and inner shadows. Colour, shapes and symbols will function as an expressive medium to create images of your inner self. Together we will transport your artistic facets into your daily life: as a a tool to analyse and integrate your shadow themes, to cope with past experiences or simply as a tool to enjoy yourself.  Please ask for ongoing courses and free spaces. 

Pictures from the workshop.

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