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Why is it important to "strengthen people"?

Today's globalized, multimedia-based world poses high demands on us with constantly increasing expectations regarding our efficiency. Thus, one may find it hard to wind down after work, and to switch from "tension" to "relaxation".


Discover a place to cope with this new form of stress and to charge your batteries; with ongoing talks and presentations themed around the "human mind" and "mental health". Please click on events for more information and registration.


If your are confronted with intense stress, you may want to participate in my seminars on burnout prevention. A test to evaluate your risk for burnout can be found here.

The coaching seminars for women focus specifically on the challenges that women are confronted with in business life.  This includes the training of skills such as assertiveness, handling criticism constructively, as well as the ability to "say no" diplomatically.


Return invigorated and full of energy into your everyday life!

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