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Online Counselling and Online Therapy, Does it Work?


Psychological online counselling has become very popular lately. There are many advantages for the client: it is flexible in time, location-idependent and completely anonymous. Thus, the inhibition threshold to ask for help, is significantly lower than for regular psychotherapy.

But how does online therapy work? Is the personal contact between a client and his or her therapist not essential for psychotherapy? Recent studies (e.g. from the University of Leipzigas well as the University of Zurich) suggest: Online-therapy can be as effective as regular psychotherapy and  reduce the symptoms of psychological disorders.


I offer flexible counselling, anytime via email and Skype (with appointment) or phone/mobile (no extra cost for German calls). The process is very similar to regular psychotherapy/ psychological counselling: we will talk about your issues in a respectful and empathetic atmosphere! My approach is integrative (click here for more information). I am a certified counsellor by the German professional organisation of psychologists (Bdp): you can rely on a professional, empathetic and respectful counselling.

However, in some cases online counselling is not the right choice: Please contact me to talk about the possibilities.

Seal of quality from the German professional organisation of psychologists

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