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About me

Understanding human experience and human behaviour, understanding sense and nonsense of life and the search for blissful happiness - these  themes have always been part of my life. And, with regards of my German/Columbian background, I have been influenced from two (sometimes quite different) cultures in these questions .

Thus, in the search of an answer to these questions and despite some setbacks, I took up the challenge and moved to Salzburg (Austria) to study psychology. From there, my career flew by and was full of successes. My bachelor thesis was a collaborative project on self-regulation between the University of Salzburg and a renowned scientific institute in Germany (the Max-Planck institute for evolutionary anthropology). Thereafter, I moved to the sleepy village of St Andrews (Scotland) with its excellent University, to accomplish my Master of Science in evolutionary and comparative psychology. I graduated with distinction and continued to do my PhD, full of scientific enthusiasm.

In my thesis, I investigated the evolution and development of human self-control (the so called executive functions). Confidently, I conducted the project between high-profile research institutes in Germany and the UK, and ran one of my studies in Mexico. I presented my work at scientific labs and international conferences, coordinated part of my thesis with other PhD students and discussed the latest psychological papers at scientific meetings. During this fascinating, challenging time, I developed many of the skills that I have now integrated in my business coaching.

Beside my PhD studies, I acquired practical counselling experience and completed a course on cognitive behavioural therapy.

After returning to Germany, I finally found more time to focus on my private life and my relationship. My little daughter was born in summer 2015. Beside the turbulence of my maternal leave, I regularly completed advanced training courses in cognitive behavioural therapy, including seminars on client-centred therapy, humanistic therapy and other methods of psychotherapy.


In my psychological practice, I want to create a warm and empathetic environment for my clients...

A place for your inner balance and your health - a place to grow and to relax.

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